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Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Mri Diagnostics In Oncology Via Principal Component Analysis

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Abstract: This paper proposes the use of latent variable models based on principal component analysis (PCA) as a robust alternative to pharmacokinetic modeling for the analysis of the dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance images (DCE-MRI) often obtained during oncological studies. Theoretical and practical justifications are provided for the advantages of the PCA approach. A pilot study using clinical DCE-MRI data on prostate patients is presented to demonstrate the method. Copyright © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Year: 2008
Source: Journal of Chemometrics
Volume-OnPage: Volume 22 Issue 11-12  708-716
Publication Date: November - December 2008
Keyword: DCE-MRI;multivariate image analysis (MIA);PCA;late
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