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Optimal Allocation Of Facts Devices In Power System Using Genetic Algorithms

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Abstract: This paper presents evolutionary technique to seek the optimal location of FACTS devices in a power system. FACTS controllers in the form of SVC type are introduced. This evolutionary technique is genetic algorithms (GAs). Provided optimal locations, FACTS devices can be used to achieve the optimal power flow (OPF) without any constraint violation and thus to increase the utilization of the lowest cost generation in power system. FACTS location should be reasonably chosen according to their contribution to the general objective of power system economic generation and dispatch. The objective cost function, which consists of the investment costs for this type of FACTS devices and the generation costs, is minimized. Numerical examples will be indicated to obtain the optimal allocation of SVC.
Author: El Metwally, M.M. El Emary, A.A. El Bendary, F.M. Mosaad, M.I.
Author Unit: Dept. of Electr. Power & Machines, Cairo Univ., Cairo
Year: 2008
Source: Power System Conference, 2008. MEPCON 2008. 12th International Middle-East
Volume-OnPage: 1-4
Publication Date: 12-15 March 2008
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