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D. M. Raup & S. M. Stanley 1971. Principles Of Paleontology. X + 388 Pp., With More Than 200 Figs. W. H. Freeman & Co., San Francisco, Reading. Price $11.50, (U.K. £4.80).

Download Price: 25$
Abstract: O.M.B.B. jQuery(".description-box h3 a").click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); }); How to Cite This Article Link to This Abstract Blog This Article Copy and paste this link Highlight all http://journals.cambridge.org/abstract_S0016756800056831 Copy and paste this citation Highlight all Blog This Article Copy and paste this code to insert a reference to this article in your blog or online community profile:
Author: O.M.B.B.,Geological MagazineGeological Magazine
Year: 1971
Source: Geological Magazine
Volume-OnPage: 108, Issue06,November 1971 pp 553-553  
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